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Why Simple Energy

There's a lot of information out there about going solar. As solar industry experts, we aim to be transparent in our processes and provide you with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge solar products and services available. Simple Energy is more than a solar energy company near you. Simple Energy is giving families access to safe drinking water with every solar installation to developing regions around the world.

Online Learning

Easy Online Approval Process

We make getting a no obligation solar quote and the solar buying process simple. No in-home visit necessary. Start the solar buying process on your own terms, online in three easy steps.


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Switching Roofs
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Solar Panel Installation
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Full-Service Solar Energy Company

Save time and money by hiring a full-service solar energy company. We'll inspect and repair your roof, design your solar system, manage the license and permit process, and install your solar panels.


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Give Power to Families Who Need it The Most

Solar is more than just business to us it's meaningful work. We donate $50 with every solar installation to the GivePower Foundation where a $20 investment provides someone in need access to clean water for over 20 years. 

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Ask an Expert

Friendly and Professional Solar Experts

There is not a one size fit all approach to solar. Our friendly and professional solar experts are eager to help homeowners select a custom solar panel design for their roof and the best solar buying program for their budget.

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How Much Can You Save By Going Solar?

Call (877) 401-3002 now to speak to one of our solar experts or fill out the form below.

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Real solar energy savings for a real customer in southern California. 

Going solar doesn't make sense for everyone and savings vary per customer. Home square footage, geography, lifestyle, and solar system size are just a few factors that can determine the amount of money saved. 

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Reduces Air Pollution


Fossil Fuel energy sources create an array of pollutants. Smog (dirty air), which is the result of fossil fuels, not only wreaks havoc on our health, but it has a negative impact on our environment. Solar panels create clean, green energy that does not contribute to air pollution.

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Environmental Benefits of Solar

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