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Solar Panel Ownership

Turn your home into an assett

Solar Ownership Has its Perks

If you are a homeowner who is considering or who is interested in selling your home, purchasing instead of leasing a solar system can prove to be a smart investment. Solar panels on your roof have been shown to increase the value of your home, as well as reduce its time on the market.

Reasons to Own Your Solar Power System




Add Equity to Your Home

According to a Berkley study, and Zillow research, having solar increases your home’s value

Lower Your Monthly Electric Bill For Good

Since 2005 national average utility prices have nearly doubled. Solar puts an end to the price hikes and keeps your money in your pocket.



Lock in a Fixed Monthly Payment

Solar provides you with a low, fixed rate, so you never have to worry about seasonal price spikes or surges in cost.

Stop Renting and Start Owning Your Power

Renting is expensive and wasteful. Owning your power provides confidence and peace of mind.


Set Yourself up for Free Power 

Once your system is paid off, you enjoy free energy. It’s just like paying off a car loan.


25 Year Warranty

All parts and labor are covered. If anything happens to your system, we’ll take care of it.


Protect the Environment

A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.


Sell Your Home Faster

According to The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, homes with solar systems sell 20% faster.



Tax Credits and Incentives Available

Your tax dollars are working hard for others. Why not for you? Get a 26% Federal tax credit, as well as other state incentives, when you go solar.

No Money Out of Pocket

Many of our customers are excited to discover that they can start their journey towards free energy for $0 out of pocket.

Upgrade Your Home With Solar Panel Ownership

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Increase Your Home Equity

When you own your solar system, you increase your homes value by more than 4% more than comparable homes with no solar panels

Calculate Savings

Lower Your Electric Bill

Electricity bills are increasing. Over the last five years they've increased by as much as 4%. You can lower your electric bill when you own your solar panels.

Combination Lock Safe

Unlock Tax Credits and Incentives

The solar Investment Tax Credit for residential is 26%. In addition to the tax credit, we offer great incentives to homeowners who buy their solar from us.


Leasing vs Buying your Solar Panels


Deciding on whether you want to lease or purchase your Solar Panels is dependent on your preferences, needs and financial goals. If you sign a solar lease or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), you are essentially renting your solar panel system from the solar company that owns it. A solar panel system that is being leased cannot be included in the assessments of your home's value.

If you decide to purchase your solar panel system, you will have the long-term cash benefits of 40% - 70% savings on electricity costs over the lifetime of your solar panel system, increased property value and the ability to claim the  Federal Tax Credit.

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