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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panels Installation

From installers you can trust

Installing High-Quality Solar Panels is our Specialty....

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...And keeping the installation process simple is what we do best.

Depending on the responsiveness and requirements of your HOA and your local permitting office, building inspectors, and utility providers, the solar panel installation process can take up to 4 weeks. But don't worry, we'll manage the entire process from you.

The Simple Energy Solar Installation Process in 6 easy steps

Simple Energy creates a custom panel layout for you based on an assessment of your roof.

We then submit the solar system design layout for permits to your local jurisdiction.

Your solar expert will also work with your HOA to get approval if necessary

While we wait, we work with your utility company to get your Net Meter installed.

When we've received the green light from all parties, we move forward with installing your solar panels.

When we receive "PTO" (Permission to operate) from your utility company and after your net meter has been installed, your solar panels will be fully operational. It's that simple!

Installing Solar Panels With Us is Simple. We Do All of the Heavy Lifting

At the Office

Keep Installation Simple

Relax and take a load off. We submit all of the required permits and manage the process for getting approval for a solar installation from your HOA.

Business Team

Hire Industry Leaders

With over 20 years of experience delivering solar services we know the problems that can unexpectedly occur when it comes to installing solar systems.


Go Solar and Give Power

One penny can provide an entire day of access to clean water to someone in need. We make a $50 donation to the GivePower Foundation for every solar installation we complete.


Solar Panels and Increased Property Value


Multiple recent studies have shown installing a solar panel system increased home value by 3% - 4% or higher. For a standard 6kW solar PV system, this can add $24,000 to your homes resale value (if the panels have been purchased and not leased). A study conducted by the Berkeley Lab found that homes with solar panels tend to sell much faster than those who don't.

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