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Bringing quality, integrity, and knowledge to every solar project

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Our Mission

Quality, Integrity, and Knowledge

Our solar panels are of the highest-quality, meet the highest quality standards, are extremely reliable, and achieve outstanding energy yields. Our knowledgeable solar experts uphold true integrity by providing our homeowners with a streamlined path to solar panel ownership and transparent price quotes without any hidden costs, building trust within the solar community and with homeowners across multiple states. As we have grown to become one of the fastest growing solar energy company's in California and Texas, the one thing which holds true is our continued commitment to educate on the benefits of going solar, promote sustainable living, and inspire homeowner to spread the word.


We strive for excellence and stand behind the quality of our solar panels with industry leading product and performance warranties.


Showing homeowners how to reduce their energy bill by going solar is rewarding however giving power is what gives us purpose.


For your convenience, we've built the most comprehensive solar industry glossary to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Reduces Water Usage


While many energy sources require the use of water as a resource, solar panels create energy without water therefore reducing the impact on our ecosystem. The US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy projects that solar energy could aid in the reduction of water consumption in at least 36 states helping to resolve our water scarcity issue.

Knowledge Center

Environmental Benefits of Solar

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