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Going Solar Starts Here

In 3 easy steps

Now, Let's Confirm the Good News

Before we can design your new solar system, we need to review and confirm your current power usage.  Receiving an accurate account of the amount of power you are currently using will help us design and size your solar PV system appropriately. We want to ensure that you you do not buy more panels than you need or buy a system that is too small.


Get Your Energy Savings Report

Your energy savings report will summarize:


  1. The proposed size of your system (no. of panels) based on the amount of power you're currently using 

  2. The offset percentage of your solar PV system (the percentage of your homes electricity that will be generated by your solar panels)

  3. The proposed monthly cost of your solar system

  4. The realized energy savings over the term of your proposed solar loan


Step 2

Your Report is Waiting!

The second step to going solar with us is making sure solar is right for you.

  1. Start by checking your email If you just requested your energy savings report please allow up to 10-minutes to receive it. 

meeting invite.PNG

2. Click the meeting link provided or you can visit, click "Join Meeting" in the upper right hand corner and enter the Meeting ID and then the Password provided to you in the email invite

3. Review your energy savings report with a solar expert 

solar prop example.png
proposal example.PNG


Confirm and Get Approved

Now that your energy savings report is in, together lets:


  1. Confirm your true energy savings (follow the instructions on your right)

  2. Confirm your solar PV system size

  3. Confirm your energy offset percentage

  4. Confirm your solar system cost

  5. Confirm the financing terms of your proposed solar loan

UPON APPROVAL: Zero out of pocket, Zero down, and we cover the cost of your roof inspection / site survey


Get Installed

You're approved, the savings and the terms look GREAT!, now lets create your solar project file


  1. Lock in your savings and execute the loan documents (via DocuSign)

  2. Authorize our contractors to submit for permits on your behalf by executing the installment agreement (via DocuSign)

  3. Select a convenient date and time for your site survey (roof inspection)

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