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We help create clean water through clean energy with every solar panel installation.
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About Simple Energy

Simple Energy, LLC is a solar energy company providing residential roofing and solar panel installation services in 14 states with operating offices in Temecula, California and Houston, Texas. The Simple Energy team has been bringing solar energy services to homeowners seeking greater electric savings and increased property value for more than a decade. Quality, Integrity, and industry experience are reasons why homeowners choose Simple Energy first for solar panel ownership. We hang our hats on keeping the solar buying experience simple. #KeepitSimple

Why Simple Energy

There's no need to call separate contracting company's. As a full-service solar energy company we've got your home covered for 25 years.

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House Windows & Roofs

Case Studies

Explore these real-life case studies describing how other homeowners have significantly reduced their electricity bill, and who have completely eliminated their electricity bill all together by going solar.

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Our Mission

As individuals and as a company we are motivated by introducing homeowners to solar technology as an alternative source of energy all while helping to create access to power and clean water in water-scarce regions around the world. 

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Give Power

Through meaningful partnerships we are able to make purposeful impacts with every solar installation. Discover how your decision to go solar with us will help a community gain access to clean, healthy water for their families.

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Simple Energy Solar Panel Installations

simple energy texas solar project.JPG

Houston, TX Solar Installation

Retired military homeowner living in a 1,700 Sq. Ft. home in Houston, Texas paying $70 a month for electricity. Customer installed 12, high efficient 330W solar panels and saved money with an energy offset of 105%

San Diego Simple Energy solar panel inst

San Diego, CA Solar Installation

A homeowner in San Diego, California didn't use much power but wanted to get into a low fixed monthly electricity payment for life. The 2 week, 12 solar panel installation gave the customer an energy offset of 110%

Simple energy 24 solar panel installatio

Murrieta, CA Solar Installation

This Murrieta, California 7.92kW solar system installation included 24 Silfab solar panels with an energy offset of 108%. The homeowners recently retired and were settling into their forever home. 


Knowledge Center

The Solar Revolution


In 2010, President Obama claimed in his State of the Union Address that by 2035, 80% of America's electricity will come from clean energy sources. Fast forward to today, driving around your neighborhood and almost every house on the block has solar panels installed. But why? The simple answer, solar panels provide electricity while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. The grace it gives on your wallet doesn't hurt either. In today's age, our knowledge on the impact we have on this planet has become inevitably impossible to ignore. Our carbon footprint matters more now than ever and because of that, why wouldn't we want to leave as little of an impact as possible?

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